Employment Bonus

I’ve seen quite a bit going around lately not about people finding creative ways to get hired, but about using innovation to quit. Yesterday a Jet Blue flight attendant exited an argument with a passenger by using the safety evacuation slides. Needless to say, he won’t be coming back to work.

Today I saw a brilliant slideshow that a young assistant sent around to her office to quit:

Thanks to TheChive.com, the whole world can see Jenny’s witty quitting display of slides, proving her dedication to her job for over two years until her discourteous boss gave her thelast straw:

Then Jenny dutifully reminds us all that even the boss can have his or her own plans to increase productivity backfire: her boxx spent 19.7 hours a week playing Farmville as recorded by the office snitch program installed to monitor internet use.

While the last few years have definitely not been the best economically, for job seekers, or for homeowners, this is a great reminder to remember that a job is much more than just a job. The biggest difference between employees today and of previous generations, is we believe a job is something you should enjoy doing. You don’t work just to work – you shouldn’t suffer through the 40 hours a week you spend earning your living. And just like Jenny, you certainly shouldn’t put up with office abuse from your supervisors.

So thanks Jenny for giving us a reminder of what our generation stands for: living life to the fullest in every aspect.


2 thoughts on “Employment Bonus

  1. Katie

    I saw the HOPA slide show of pics the other day, and then I found out that it wasn’t real…so sad right? But, it does make a good point regardless!

  2. Kristin

    So did you see/hear Jimmy Fallon’s song about the Jet Blue employee? Love it~! Grabbed 2 beers and jumped!


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