A “Year” in Instagram

In the past 12 months, we’ve had some pretty big things happen. We got married, I learned to ski, we moved to Philadelphia and got a puppy. Here are a few of my favorite moments from the past year, as seen by Instagram.

With just a few small adjustments, our wedding photos got that timeless, almost vintage look. With beautiful photo weather (nice and cloudy!), we ended up with almost every photo we wanted. Now we just have to take formal portraits Carmen… Maybe next year.

From the top of Peak 8 at Breckenridge, you can sit back in an Adirondack chair that belongs in South Carolina. With a beer and a view to kill, it’s a great stop to take a break from the slope and do a little people watching. You might even catch a little tan.

Learning to ski was an exercise in gravity, skill, and trusting myself. I will be the first to admit that I cried on most runs several times. Except for my first Black, American on Peak 9. That one I blared Miley Cyrus and closed my eyes until I got to the bottom.

The best part of skiing in the Rockies is the view. You truly feel like you are at the top of the world. On a clear sunny day at Vail, the view almost made up for the low base and icy turns. I only wish we were going back this winter.

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Heading down the base of Vail mountain isn’t the easiest ride, the bottoms of the trails are almost all Blues (medium difficulty) simply because of their severe slope. While trying to find a bit easier way down, I stumbled upon a grove of birch trees.

I remember being fascinated as a child with their snowy trunks and the fact that you could use their bark as paper in a pinch. There they sat, quietly watching me struggle on the icy turn and waiting for the next passerby. I was happy enough to get the shot without breaking anything.

We moved to Philadelphia in March, and it looks like we’ll be settled here for a little while at least. On our first or second trip downtown, we got into one wrong lane and wound up in New Jersey (sorry Megan). Five miles later we were able to get on a bridge back to PA, and I managed to snag this panorama of the city. Now we just have to get to know it.

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In our edge-of-suburbia apartment, the sky seems to be doing fantastic things on a daily basis. From heart-warming sunrises to glorious, painted sunsets, I can’t seem to take enough photos of the sky. I have never lived somewhere that I woke each morning wanting to drive away from my house in the dark to enjoy a sunrise on the way to work.

Fast forward to August, and here comes Daphne. At a mere 2.5 lbs, the 8-week-old Cocker Spaniel-Toy Poodle mix is an instant addition to our lives. She has since grown to 10.5 lbs and is getting into everything. Her joy of exploring and bouts of exhaustion (perfect cuddle time) makes her the perfect companion for Adam and me. Now we just have to move into a house so we can get her a playmate.

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This year has been busy not only for the changes in our lives, but my career has taken a beating. I’ve gone from a PR firm to an online retailer to an e-learning company.Then I wrote for TheCelebrityCafe and restarted my blog. And somehow I’ve managed to keep it all straight. I don’t know what the future holds for my career, but hopefully it will chill out for a while. Except for an office, I would love to add my own office to the list of accomplishments.


We topped this year off with a much-needed break in Turks & Caicos. The water is the most perfect shade of aquamarine, the sand is a cool memory foam that you can’t get enough of. The local spirits aren’t as good as some of the Caribbean islands, but they were definitely sufficient. We even managed to get a little tan without getting sunburned. And on our last night, the clouds broke just enough at sunset to get some great photos.

Now we just have to take some pictures for a Christmas card. Goal for next year: sort that out a bit sooner. Cheers!

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