A Delightful Turkish Breakfast

A couple weeks ago we were down in Washington DC visiting some friends. After celebrating Mexican Independence Day with a lot of margaritas, we decided to go out the next morning for a lovely Turkish breakfast.

I love trying breakfast from other cultures because you never know what you’re going to get. In China, they literally eat the same thing three meals a day. Rice, noodles, some type of vegetables, meat, et cetera. Eggs can going into any meal regardless of the time of day. In the UK and New Zealand, they think baked beans and spaghetti belong to the breakfast category. But only if they come out of a can. If they’re fresh, then that’s dinner. Definitely a questionable breakfast practice.

In France, they set out a spread of fresh meats, cheeses, fresh bread, fruit, and maybe some pastries. As a growing 16-year-old visiting France for the first time, it definitely wasn’t enough. Now aside from French toast, it must be one of my favorite meals.

Which brings me back to our delicious Turkish breakfast. Our friends enjoyed Mediterranean style omelets and meat and cheese platters while I tucked into a fluffy and fragrant pile of French toast with a cup of juicy melon.




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