Happy Birthday to Me

I love birthdays. Growing up in a big family, my birthday was the one day a year when (in theory) I didn’t have to fight my siblings for attention. My mom would make me palaces out of ice cream and our house would be throwing up pink balloons for days.

Like this birthday party my senior year of college:

The last 3 years I’ve been out of the country, and gallivanting around the globe doesn’t always lead to the most raucous birthday celebrations.

In New Zealand in 2009, Adam came to visit me for my birthday. We rented a camper van and toured the North Island for a week. Definitely a trip we’ll always remember.

2010 didn’t really exist: I flew to China on my birthday that year. The flight attendants really should have given me a free drink or something.

Last year we were on our honeymoon in St. Lucia. Adam got a bottle of champagne and we sat and drank it overlooking the bay.

This year may not have been nearly as exciting, but it was definitely a…learning experience. I think Adam would have gotten me a puppy, if he hadn’t gotten me one already.

Being married is a lot more than always having a date and trying not to be too matchy-matchy whenever we leave the house. Oh, and of course making him watch chick flicks is fun too. It’s tough having his birthday, then 11 days later our wedding anniversary, then a quick 7 day break. That is a lot in a very short period of time.

Thanks to a great idea from my friend Chelsea, we’re going to move things around a bit next year to take a little bit of the pressure off. Stay tuned, and enjoy these amazing birthday treats that will be in store:

What’s your favorite birthday memory/treat?

Cover photo: Lilly Pulitzer also celebrated her birthday this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Chelsea

    I think Queen Elizabeth II actually came up with the idea of celebrating your birthday on a different day, but I will gladly take credit.

    1. jen Post author

      LOL I’m pretty sure the Royals have been doing that for a long time.

      Wikipedia claims, “The day has been celebrated since 1788, when Governor Arthur Phillip declared a holiday to mark the birthday of King George III. Until 1936 it was held on the actual birthday of the Monarch, but after the death of King George V it was decided to keep the date at mid-year.”

      Though there’s no reference, so not sure how accurate that is. Still, you did give me the idea that the “commons” could do it too.


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