Hospital Chic


Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Paoli hospital. It is massive.

First stop: radiology. I was having a test called an arthogram, basically a really really fancy MRI. With a team of nurses, I got a nice injection of 15cc’s of an intense contrast straight into my hip joint. Yes, it felt totally bizarre. At least I saved my anxiety attack until the end, once all the needles were put away (I hate needles). Then I got a blanket, signed some forms, and got wheeled over to my next destination.


Enter my totally in vogue pink hospital gown and teal non-slip socks. I pulled all the metal off my body and debated my musical choices.

Clearly I went with Sinatra, though for the most part I could barely hear Frank over the roar of the machine.

And of course now is the time something decides to go wrong. The blanket I brought from radiology had a metal button stuck to it, and it was throwing off the whole machine. So instead of a mildly tolerable 25 minute MRI, I got to hold still for a full 45 minutes while my pictures were retaken. At least I got to listen to Frank’s version of our wedding song.

I was about to go 007 on several muscles if they spasmed again and I had to sit one second longer on that table.

Once they released me, things wrapped up pretty fast. I snuggled back into my jeans and sweater and happily threw the teal socks into the bin. I grabbed my CD and headed to the car.

Except I had no idea how to get back there. I ended up walking 3/4 of the way around the hospital before I found the garage. At least there were some pretty pink flowers and lots of sunshine along the way.

I should get results in a day or two. My grandmother had both hip replaced and my dad just had his first, so I’m not holding my breath.

At least I still have a puppy to play with, two bottles of wine and ice cream. And that yummy sweet potato.


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