Cool Rider Jeans


(Top, Cardigan and Necklace: J.Crew. Pants: Express.)

I am all about comfort. I’m a huge scarf fan (my collection is constantly growing) and with my long and lean frame, pants have to meet both length and comfort requirements.

Enter my new obsession: Express’s Stella Jean Legging. I know, jeggings are abhorable. But the Stella doesn’t fit into that category. She’s really more of a thicker legging with a smooth, soft finish that makes her comfy all day long. Digging around in the stacks I found several pairs that were just a hair longer than the others so I have a good quarter-inch to play with should a dryer accident occur.

I’ve also been looking for a pair of black jeans that would make my Pink Ladies days a bit more edgy. Sometimes you just need to channel your inner 1960s biker.

These jeans definitely pass the Stephanie Zinoni test for stretch, comfort, and cool.

Bonus: I was so comfortable that when I got home I swapped out my pearls, linen blouse and neon Orange cardi for a high school throwback and a fluffy puppy. Even better, they were on sale for $50 plus I found a voucher code online that saved me an extra $30 on my $90 purchase. Watch out for my royal blue pair coming out this weekend at my friend’s engagement party!

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