High Ride Fashion

Lately I’ve been seeing a ton of hot air balloons on my ride to and from the office. My mom has always wanted to go in hot air balloon, and this area of Pennsylvania has gorgeous sunsets almost every day. Seriously, it has to be some anomaly or the impact of living so near the Amish (could less pollution be a factor? I think so!) When mum comes for a visit, we’ll definitely be taking a trip into the clouds.

Got me to thinking if I ever took flight, I would definitely have to be warm and fuzzy at 700 feet. Here’s my fall shopping wish list:

Old Navy‘s Roll-Cuff Blouse in Positively Pink Neon. alice + olivia’s Sequin Polka Dot Crew Neck Jumper. And J.Crew‘s Booker boot in Dark Cognac. Pair with dark, skinny jeans and a shiny patent bag. Kate Spade’s Carlisle Street Sylvie would do nicely. There’s definitely room for a few mini bottles of champagne for the trip.

Bon Voyage!

One thought on “High Ride Fashion

  1. Chelsea

    Fun fact: The Chel et fam were once in a hot air balloon crash. I’m sure your ride with your mum will go much smoother (no pun intended).


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