Twelve Days of Christmas: A Tiffany Blue Taxi

Getting dressed this morning, I channeled my favorite house of baubles without even realizing. Bright lips have been everywhere this season, from the runway to the office I can’t seem to escape them. I’m determined to try it out a bit more frequently. But before I go on a quest for a new fuchsia, I thought I would try on the Marilyn Monroe red I purchased for a fancy dress party last year.

Then when I pulled on a J.Crew tissue tee and my slim cut Columbia ski vest, I instantly thought of the Tiffany & Co taxis running around London this Christmas:

jen darling by j.k.h. nelson

While I can’t cruise around in one of these preppy cars (I can’t get my hands on a Lilly jeep either) I can hope that they bring them back whenever I finally make it across the pond.

Also, enjoy this great Christmas duet with the Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan:

So here’s kicking off twelve days of pretty, Christmas-inspired, and maybe even a few sparkles!

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