Twelve Days of Joy: Seven Singing Sweaters

My family is originally from Ireland. Traditionally each Irish family would have its own stitch and pattern for the sweaters that they wore. Hopefully some day I can trace my lineage enough to find out what our sweaters look like. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find out we have Scottish heritage also and there’s a tartan I can overuse and monogram to my hearts content.

Fairisle has been making a comeback this year, it seems like it’s everywhere. There’s something about skiing and the mountains that make you want to wear snowflakes on your sweater, so I was actually ahead of this trend with my collection of fairisle that I started in Colorado (check out my J.Crew Fair Isle Half-Button Sweater from last winter on People Style Watch sponsored by Cotton). So here’s my list of seven sing-worthy sweaters that might make you think twice about ugly Christmas sweaters.

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jen darling by j.k.h. nelson

Aubin & Wills Warnold Sweater Dress in a wool/alpaca blend; J.Crew Fair Isle Ski Sweater in Merino wool (similar Reindeer sweater from Asos here); the Asos Christmas Boyfriend Cardigan (still available in Petite); Stella McCartney Polar Bear Sweater in intarsia wool and alpaca blend; Black Knitted Snowflake Miniskirt; Tommy Hilfiger Boatneck Snowflake Sweater in cotton/nylon/angora rabbit hair; and Jack Wills Sedburgh Jumper in lambswool/nylon/angora.

Are you cozying up with a holiday sweater this Christmas?

5 thoughts on “Twelve Days of Joy: Seven Singing Sweaters

    1. jen Post author

      Thanks Alexis! It sounds so comfortable! Love your tumblr, I’ve already reposted a few things into my queue! Let’s stay in touch!

      Happy holidays!
      Jen x

    1. jen Post author

      Thanks Kristine! Not always the easiest thing to find 🙂 Really I just want to snuggle into one of these on my couch with my puppy and watch Christmas movies all day!


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