Something Not So Sexy About the Rain

This morning Adam woke me up for our usual walk Daphne before the alarm went off. Twice. Every morning he gets up with Daphne to take her out at 5:45 am and I always appreciate getting the extra 10 minutes of sleep. Really, I do appreciate it. This morning though, Daphne didn’t appreciate our walk.

About 5 minutes in, Adam was fine, I was tolerating it, but she stopped under a tree and refused to go any further.


Can you blame her? My usually fluffy, energetic puppy didn’t understand why she was suddenly dripping and cold. Apparently rain isn’t an instinct, but staying out of it is.

She also doesn’t quite understand that her towel is not for tug-o-war, but to get her fluff back in dry shape. Especially since she’s not crazy about the hair dryer.

Watching her grow, learn how to go both up and down stairs (well, ours anyway), and become unafraid of puddles has definitely given me an interesting perspective on life. When you’ve been living for a while and you have most things figured out you forget that at some point you didn’t know any of those things.

Daphne may not be quite the same as a baby, but she’s certainly keeping us on our toes.

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