Welcome back Mr. Bond

Last night Adam and I enjoyed opening day of the new James Bond film, Skyfall. A bit more lighthearted than the last few Bond films, Daniel Craig does not disappoint in this perfect reboot of a 50-year-old franchise.

Making a sweeping entrance while searching for several down agents,Bond is looking for a hard drive. It contains a list of undercover operatives in terrorist organizations around the world and is in the process of being stolen. As the thief is getting away with the hard drive, Bond pursues in a series of chases. They blaze through the streets of Istanbul involving several luxury cars, a  thrilling use of motorbikes and a nail-biting train ride. Our first Bond girl, Eve, enters to assist 007 tracking down the villain. Beautiful, lithe, an incredibly British, Eve and Bond are separated, and Bond vanishes.

Back in London, M is taking heat from Parliament for losing the list.Here we meet Mr. Mallory, a former soldier tortured by the IRA. Mallory is keen to set some changes in MI6. He is eager to get fresh blood into the department to embrace the new age of technology. Bonus: played by Ralph Fiennes, HP fans will be happy to see this excellent actor on the big screen in another epic role. Bond returns out of duty, loyalty, or perhaps a love for M, determined to see his mission through.

Bond heads to Shanghai to search for the man who stole the list. A brief assassination and struggle later, Bond is left with less information and a casino chip from Macau. This scene is filmed in a building made entirely of glass. Through some brilliant cinematic work, Bond is able to stay in the shadows, hidden by the reflections of an LED display board in busy downtown Shanghai. As a 30-foot jellyfish floats gracefully across the night sky, Bond proves that his traditional training and old-school style really do come in handy.

At the casino in Macau, Bond makes his first grand entrance in that oh so sexy tuxedo. He did have a little help getting ready from his partner, Eve. This agent is willing to put all her assets to use.Cashing in the chip, Bond is brought face-to-face with his second beautiful woman of the film, Sévérine. She leads him to Silva, a man who is on the same road as Bond, except he has embraced his inner villain.

Without spoiling anything for you, Skyfall was genuinely a great movie. With amazing cinematography and shocking twists and turns, Skyfall takes you into the world of James Bond in a way that celebrates the best of Bond’s history and captures the perfect integration of past and future.

Fifty years of Bond has finally culminated in a film that is both serious and lighthearted, entertaining and enthralling, artistic and awesome. With Daniel Craig signed up for at least two more films, 007 is certain to become the spy who will hold our hearts, imaginations, and intrigue. Welcome back Mr. Bond, shall we meet at the bar for a martini?

Rating: 5 stars

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