Yard Crash: 72 Hours

I hope you all had a lovely father’s day! This weekend, Adam’s parents came for a visit. And let me tell you did they visit. Holly got off of a red-eye from Denver to Philadelphia and immediately started digging. Rick manned the chainsaw and Adam trimmed and pruned. By the time I got home at 5:30 pm, my house looked completely different and there were stacks of lawn carnage everywhere.

Fast forward two more days, Italian, barbeque, and sandwich meal breaks, and a trip to see Man of Steel (awesome!!) at a terribly uncomfortable AMC theater, and you have the end result.

Here is the backyard prior to our crusade against the foliage:

yard crash before backyard 1 Yard Crash: 72 Hours yard crash before backyard 2 Yard Crash: 72 Hours yard crash before backyard 3 Yard Crash: 72 Hours

And here is the backyard after:

yard crash after backyard 1 Yard Crash: 72 Hours yard crash after backyard 2 Yard Crash: 72 Hours yard crash after backyard 4 Yard Crash: 72 Hours

We even managed to find some pavers (and a small brick patio – future grill central!) hidden under the acres of ivy. So that path I wanted over the muddy backyard? Accomplished:

yard crash after backyard 3 Yard Crash: 72 Hours

Check out the changes on the garage. Yes, those are baby trees growing out of the gutters.

yard crash before garage Yard Crash: 72 Hours yard crash after garage Yard Crash: 72 Hours

Just how much 4 people can accomplish in 72 hours? Ok, maybe 3.5 people, as I was only able to help about 50% of the time. We found a tree crew on the next street over and (with the help of donuts and later beer) had them come and chip our pile of trees, 15′ branches, bushes, shrubs, grape vines, and ivy. They asked if it had taken us a whole week to put the pile together. Nope, just 36 hours and a lot of determination.

Just a small idea of what that pile looked like? Here’s Daphne playing in it. It went another 20 feet to the left and was a good 8 feet tall in some parts:

yard crash chipper piles Yard Crash: 72 Hours

Yes, that tree limb is approximately a hundred times her size. For a bigger taste of real-life yard crashing, check out all the photos in my Google+ album. I couldn’t figure out how to embed it as an album and not 43 thumbnails. So you’ll just have to click!

yard crash more photos Yard Crash: 72 Hours

Once the yard work was at an acceptable stopping point, Adam and Rick decided to start tearing apart the kitchen. Yes, they’ve done even more than my turn with the crowbar last weekend. More on that coming soon!

And now, I am paying for my cleared out and cleaned up yard with an allergy attack. I can only hope that the dust from the kitchen stays away! What did you accomplish this weekend?

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