NeverWet from Rustoleum

This weekend, Adam and I made massively impressive progress on the kitchen. We’ve got the painting done, now we have to take care of the cabinets and put in the new counter tops and a new faucet and we’re good to go. So hopefully next week you’ll get to see our amazing new kitchen!

On one of our multiple trips to multiple home improvement stores over the weekend, Adam and I spotted this new stuff that has been the talk of the web: NeverWet. Made by Rust-Oleum and available at Home Depot, NeverWet is actually a really brilliant idea. Use this spray and you create a surface that liquids won’t adhere to. Check out the video for some cool demos (even though its gross, the toilet brush one is intriguing).

jen darling

Uses include waterproofing your cellphone, though how you keep the microphone and speaker clear I’m not sure, saving your pristine Keds from mustard and chocolate sauce, and turning a cardboard beer box into an instant cooler.

jen darling

Though at $20 for one can of the stuff, you could definitely buy a cooler that’s cheaper. And if you’re lucky, find a sorority girl to bedazzle the heck out of it. The one thing that did look questionable was using this stuff on your clothes. While it would be great to never have to worry about spaghetti sauce on your white sundress, I would think this stuff would make the fabric stiff and terribly uncomfortable. Maybe we’ll get some to try it out once we’re done with all the stuff around the house.

So would you try NeverWet? What other ways would you use it?

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