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In between the apocalyptic dreams I’ve been having thanks to too many episodes of The Walking Dead, I’ve been dreaming a lot about our house hunt. While we’re not ready to go just yet, it is a major purchase. I thought my wedding dress was a major purchase, but that didn’t need a mortgage (thank god). The right house for us will come up at the right time, and everything will work out. That doesn’t mean it’s easy as pie.

There’s a big area we’re looking in, and houses come and go quickly on the market because it’s a popular place to live. We’ll be closer to the city and on a better train line to get in an out. Plus we’ll be closer to the beach, close to a yacht club so we can try to get in a bit of sailing, and it’ll be a straight shot down to D.C. or up to New York. The only downside? Most of the houses in the Philadelphia area don’t come onto the market until May, June or July, as parents wait for their children to finish school before wanting to sell the house. That means months of waiting and watching, not knowing what house is our or when we’ll find it. No pressure.

jen darling by j.k.h. nelson

And while I know we’re not going to get something as glamorous as the Preminger House above, or the Swan House below, we’ll definitely find something cute and comfortable  I can’t wait to get my hands on some paint and go scouring through different shops for just the right furniture. In my excitement, I’m trying to calm my nerves, ease my anxiety about not finding a house, and settle my stress. Everything will be ok, there’s no need to worry. That’s what chocolate is for. jen darling by j.k.h. nelson

What are you stressing over right now?

One thought on “Home Over

  1. Chelsea

    As usual, you have impeccable taste!

    The Swan House is an Atlanta classic. On the grounds of the home is the Swan Coach House restaurant. It is the quintessential spot for a ladies’ luncheon in Atlanta complete with chicken salad sandwiches, frozen fruit salad and plenty of sweet tea. Its floral wallpapered dining rooms have hosted countless bridesmaids’ luncheons including my sister’s and one day, mine.

    I’ll take you there when you come visit me.


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