Can I have that in my living room?

west elm dekalb sofa

Sometimes you see something that just catches your eye. No, that just makes you drool and call your husband and say “Let’s go buy this now.” That happened first when Daphne popped up on the puppy boutique’s website. Then it happened again when West Elm’s Dekalb Sofa came into my inbox.

Not only does it look perfectly comfortable, but that leather looks like buttery awesomeness. We’re heading to West Elm this weekend to sit in everything and see how we like their furniture options in person. We’re also going to be testing out the free design consultation services they offer, as well as trying out the ones offered by Pottery Barn, Ethan Allen, and hopefully JC Penney. Crate and Barrel only offers in-store consultations, so we’ll have to find time to get out to King of Prussia to make that happen. Watch for some design comparisons coming in the future.

What do you want to know about the design services offered by big brands? Leave the questions you want answered in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Can I have that in my living room?

  1. Don

    I have one. Wish I didn’t. The cushions slide forward on the couch despite the restraints and the leather on them tends to move forward on the padding. Also, it has a very long seat so it isn’t good unless you are about 6’2″. I prefer something that doesn’t promote slouching. It’s an OK couch if you plan to sit sideways on it. Looks cool, but you won’t think it is after you sit on it.


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