Easy Thanksgiving Decor

So this weekend something big hit me: Thanksgiving is next week. That’s right. less than two weeks to decide if Adam is going to have to stuff a turkey again, what we’re going to make, where we’re going for dinner. Oh and think about decorating the house.

I say think because let’s be honest, I can’t decide on a paint color for the living room, how am I going to pick out, order/DIY, and set up decorations in the next week and a half? Plus then I have to take them right down for Christmas. This year, my goal is to plan out what I want to do for holiday decorations in the house, then score some great deals in the after-holiday sales.

untraditional thanksgiving, jen darling, party ideas, table ideas

I’m not super traditional and cutesy when it comes to decor, I’d rather have something a little more streamlined, color blocked, and subtle. I love this harvest tablescape with the rich pumpkin browns and using apples as decor. We went apple picking last year and loved it, we’ll definitely go again next year. I’d add a vase of dried wheat and cotton on our buffet and throw in some plaid and dip dyed pillows on the couch to tie the whole room together.

untraditional thanksgiving, jen darling, party ideas, table ideas

No holiday should be without its touch of sparkle like this table. I would love to try gilding something my self, so hopefully I can snag some faux pumpkins this year and test it out.
untraditional thanksgiving, jen darling, party ideas, table ideas

My idea of decorating this year was getting a bag of miniature pumpkins and scattering them around the house. I love this neutral palette of gourds, and something like this would be easy to do without having to make many changes to our current decor.
untraditional thanksgiving, jen darling, party ideas, table ideasAnd finally I had to throw in something fun. Over at Oh Joy, Joy has put together this awesome cornucopia inspired centerpiece out of ice cream cones. I love the mix of greens pocking out plus the pops of color from flowers you wouldn’t always think to use at Thanksgiving. This I could definitely handle – just have to keep Daphne and Sherlock away from the ice cream cones!

Have you decorated your home for Thanksgiving yet? Did you design around your current decor or do you totally change things up? I’d love to know!


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