Gradient vs Ombre

Adam and I are currently in the market for curtains. We’re hosting an event for my sorority alumni group this weekend, and we have to have curtains by then. Kind of a problem when I can’t find a single pair that I would legitimately buy…

I am obsessed with linen – I’d use it everywhere if it was realitstic – and I spotted this pair of linen curtains with a really nice ombre dip dyed bottom:

white linen ombre blue curtains, lovelyhomeidea, etsy, jen darlingThey’re pretty, but at $200+ per panel they are out of our price range. Plus, the grammar girl in me just couldn’t get over the fact that ombre is just a fancy word for gradient. And really, let’s call it what it is.

grey shelving graduated ombre with white accessories by little greene, mad about the house, jen darling


Now this shelving paint job from Little Greene is what I would call ombre. This photo features the company’s new collection of gray paints, including Dash of Soot, Dolphin, Knightsbridge and Chimney Brick.

So, do you think that these shelves really represent ombre in the design world? And can we just get on with it and call a gradient a gradient? Hopefully it’ll be going out of style soon anyway. There are so many better designs you can make by hand dying fabric!

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