Jen Darling: A Caribbean Kitchen

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Happy Monday! We are finally getting close on our kitchen! Painting the cabinets is exhausting (very much wishing we could have bought a paint sprayer!) and with our AC out all of last week, the paint was taking forever to dry.

At this point, we’re touching up the cabinets, painting the doors and drawers, and we’re done! So it’s about time to start sharing some of the ideas behind our very Caribbean kitchen. When we moved in, the kitchen was a smoky yellow and very much felt like 40 years of living and smoking had happened in that room. We wanted to brighten up the space since it doesn’t get a lot of natural light. I’m fairly obsessed with the ocean, and fell in love with the colors in Lilly Pulitzer’s Let’s Cha Cha print. I knew with some creative decorating we could get a clean, bright, beachy kitchen that you would actually want to cook in!

1. I knew I wanted an ocean blue or a teal color, and was pumped to find this white and teal kitchen display at Ikea. I’m not the only one!
2. My pink Kitchenaid stand mixer will finally fit in with this super colorful space.
3. I saw this perfectly beachy family room on House of Turquoise with just the right touches, balancing fresh ocean colors with bright pops and natural materials.
4. The ocean was so blue on our trip to Turks & Caicos, it was great inspiration for our kitchen walls.
5. Coral is a must to bring in some natural textures and pops of white.
6. Lilly Pulitzer’s Let’s Cha Cha print is great color and design inspiration. I would love to pop some of this up as curtains or paint it over-sized on the floor.

As we’re getting closer to being finished, I’m definitely feeling like the kitchen is a fishbowl with the bright turquoise paint everywhere. So I’ll be looking for ways to break up the color and add some great touches to the space. The best part is in a few years we’ll be able to start doing the big renovation projects we want to do, so if I don’t love the kitchen, I can change it all then! Go bold or go home!

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