Spotted: Throw Me a Bone

Last weekend, Adam and I went shopping for curtains. We’ve been needing some for awhile, and I had the honor of hosting an alumni event for my sorority that required creating a private space. We ended up getting these from West Elm (and scoring a number of discounts to make them super affordable – then paid with a gift card!), but while we were in Pottery Barn I spotted a few finds that are whispering “buy me…buy me!”

pottery barn spotted jen darling

Like this super adorable doggie toy basket. I mean come on, can’t you see Daphne poking her little head in there to pull out her toys?

Right now they’re living either strewn about the floor, or split between a beer box and a plastic bin. This basket needs to come home with us. Maybe for her Christmas present?

pottery barn spotted jen darling

I’m super obsessed with this Gavin Iron Table Lamp on the right. It also comes in a round shape, and I think it’s a perfect mix of modern and old school.

pottery barn spotted jen darling

I couldn’t actually find this oar hook set on Pottery Barn’s website, but I love the idea of it. We have a small space between our back door and the wall, just perfect for hooks for our coats, Daphne’s leash, an umbrella, etc. Definitely going to try and DIY something like this.

potterpottery barn spotted jen darlingy barn spotted jen darling (3)

I mean come on, this is just too cute! And I love the cookie jar, though if Daphne ate that many puppy cookies I would definitely be worried!

What have you spotted out and about lately?

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