Would you buy this tent?

anthropologie altair tent, jen darling

I came across the gorgeous Altair tent at Antrhopologie, and have been thinking about it for days. Adam and I have a bit of a mosquito problem in our backyard, and I’ve been trying to find solutions that are easy, non-permanent (they don’t know what a Florida room is in Philadelphia) and save my poor sweet skin from being eaten completely. Would this $9,000 tent do the trick?

It seems like a great investment if you are going to live a semi-nomadic lifestyle, or if you’re an event planner and need something stylish. It could solve our mosquito problem, but we wouldn’t get much sunlight and we certainly couldn’t light any fires or anything inside of it. But what would the average person do with something like this?

anthropologie altair tent, jen darling

Isn’t the inside just as beautiful? I mean I would definitely build a fortress in here, pretend I’m off on great adventures in a mythical land, perhaps with an army waiting outside or a joust to judge. Otherwise, the price just totally knocks me off my feet. That isn’t stopping me from totally wanting it. After I get my spa bathroom and baker’s kitchen. Priorities, right?

What would you do with a $9,000 tent?

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