Month 1

It’s hard to believe today marks (just about) one month of owning our first house. We’ve been busy, and are almost settled in. It’s easy to forget just what the house looked like when we moved in, though all that carpet is still patiently waiting in the garage to get taken away!

jen darling

The biggest job we’ve tackled so far is ripping out all the carpet. And then the attached tack strips and endless numbers of staples. Seriously, I thought my back would be permanently bent and my hand would fall off.

jen darling

Upstairs in what we’re using as our bedroom we found three X’s in the 1960s tile. Perhaps there’s treasure underneath?

jen darling

Then we washed the living room and the hallway with TSP, a chemical that you use to clean paint. It was definitely worth investing in a good quality mop to make it a bit easier.

jen darling

Our living room looks like it belongs on the set of E.T.

jen darling

We’ve got the living room almost finished (more on painting tomorrow…) except for one spot on the ceiling that needs another coat of primer. We’ve been using Kilz Original to help with the stains and smoke odor from 40 years of cigarettes in our house. And so far it’s working magically.

Otherwise, we’ve got a useable bathroom and a clean kitchen. Once we get the living room sorted, I’ll post some ‘after’ pictures. Our ‘main’ kitchen is going to take a while. I decided at 6pm on Saturday night to start renovating… There are awesomely awful photos.

It definitely feels like we won’t be up to full speed for a while, but we’re slowly making progress!

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