Honey, There’s a Tree in the Driveway

At 7:00 am this morning, Adam said, “Honey, what time do you need to leave the house?”

“About 9:00, why?”

“Because there’s a tree in the driveway.”

Um, really? This was the last thing I expected to wake up to. According to our neighbors, the dying trunk finally collapsed about 11:30 pm last night. Either we slept through it or we blamed the noise on Sherlock. jen darling, home ownership, trees But there it was in all its decaying glory. A 10 or so foot tree trunk completely blocking the driveway. jen darling, trees, home ownership Adam couldn’t lift it on his own. We think the top had filled in with snow and then froze, and it turned out to be too much weight for the poor dying tree. I grabbed one of these webbing moving straps we bought to move furniture around (which we could never get to work) to help me lift the tree without killing my back. I helped support the weight of the trunk while Adam swung it around and out of the way. jen darling, home ownership, trees It really was a mess underneath, so I’m surprised it lasted this long before it fell over. We were just lucky that it fell on nothing instead of being one of the larger trees that could have fallen onto the house or one of our cars. jen darling, home ownership, trees Now we’ll think more seriously about getting the guys who helped with our yard cleanup to come back and take out some dead trees. We were hoping to put that off for a couple of years, but it might be worthwhile to do that this summer. Now we need a chainsaw to cut this up and use it to make a fence on one side of our yard so Daphne can stop going into the neighbor’s yard. Hopefully it’ll get above 30 degrees so we can do that! Happy snow day y’all!

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