Men in Kilts at Your House

I once had a job where my supervisor wore a kilt to work.This was a business casual office, and in some places (and social situations) a kilt is definitely seen as appropriate. In a cubicle? I’m not so sure.

So when a new Philadelphia business called Men in Kilts popped up in the news, I was certainly interested.

men in kilts, philadelphia, jen darling

Men in Kilts is a company that will come and wash your windows, clean out your gutters, and power wash your house – all while wearing kilts. You had to admit, it’s not only awesome but a great marketing tool. Who doesn’t want to see men in kilts?

But I think the real question is what is under those kilts. Traditionally, Scottish men don’t wear anything under their kilts. I hope that’s not the case, because as much as their tee-shirts say “No Peeking” I guarantee someone is.

Started in Toronto, there are franchises all over North America. So if you don’t live in Philadelphia there could be one close by and you don’t know it yet!

Really you have to applaud these men who are so self-assured that they wear the traditional garb of a culture that probably isn’t theirs. Thank goodness the Scots are some of the burliest, manliest men in the world, making wearing a plaid skirt completely acceptable for men everywhere.

So what do you think? Would you hire the Men in Kilts to come take care of your house?

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