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This weekend while out and about I spotted these monogram books in Anthropologie. I always pop in to see what little housewares they have (or which glass knobs are on sale!) and love looking at their book selection. I honestly didn’t even look to see if they were for sale and how much. They’re not on the Anthro website so I have no idea what their deal is. I was just fascinated by the look of them. Re-purposing old books into monograms. Totally my thing – and totally something I can DIY. This project is going on the list.

Adam was also busy this weekend power washing our house!!! It’s now mostly spot-free!

jen darling

It went from covered in lovely green algae to this beautiful gray brick: jen darling

Ok, maybe the brick isn’t so lovely, but we can paint that or cover it up with something else. I’m just happy it’s clean. We couldn’t do much on the second floor because the paint was coming off. It wouldn’t be smart to tear all the paint off when we can’t repaint until spring.

We now also have loads of delightful flowers all over the place.

jen darling

These are from Pat and Lindsay. Really loving the autumn feel on some of my favorites.

jen darling

And these are from Adam’s parents for my Grandmother.

jen darling

This is the last arrangement that came back with us. I split it from a massive basket into two vases, and those will get scattered even further around the house. I’m also going to add something to do with floral arranging to my list. I really love having flowers in the house, but I never get the right result. All of these flowers really making coming home a bit more cheerful.

What’s something you’ve spotted (or de-spotted!) lately?

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