jen darling by j.k.h. nelson

one kings lane

When I saw a gorgeous sale on One Kings Lane full of textiles, I immediately became obsessed with quilts. There are several in my family from my grandmother’s, their mothers, and their mothers, pieces that have crossed oceans and survived WWII.

I am not a quilter. I don’t have the patience to create something with so many pieces and I would struggle to make sure every stitch was in the right place. I can certainly admire the pieces in my family, but I doubt I’ll do much to add hand-crafted quilts to that collection.

My dear friend Jackie gave Adam and me a Waterford carafe as a wedding gift. She said she remembered being fascinated as a child by a similar piece in her parent’s collection. I am excited to start to build a collection of things for our new home that will inspire our children, give them warm and happy memories, and maybe even make them question the wider world around them. Bonus if it comes in pink. 

What is something that you were curious about as a child?


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