The Furniture Shuffle

Going through my iPhone I found this photo of Daphne at my grandmother’s apartment:
jen darling

She absolutely loves sitting up on the couch like that. It makes her feel tall and way more comfortable than she should. I mean come on, she’s a dog. And a totally spoiled one.

We’ve had a big week. Our heat is out, and my mom stopped by on her way from Boston to Florida. She took the AutoTrain, which I’ve done before, so it was a perfect opportunity to swing by and see our new house. Of course she loved the house. Not so crazy about the 60 degree temperatures though.

Yesterday was Adam’s birthday, so get excited for the awesome cake I am in the middle of making him. We’ll be eating it tonight. I think the creatures had more fun being home and snuggling with him all day, then getting to play with ribbon all night:

But this is the really exciting news for this week. We said goodbye to the orange couch we inherited with our house:
jen darling

We were so lucky that the previous owner left lots of furniture for us to use until we can pick out (and afford) the pieces that we will use. Our 1974 couch was difficult to snuggle on. The seat was narrow so our long, gangling legs always felt like we were falling off. It did give us a good idea of what size couch we could fit with our floor plan and made us really picky about dimensions.

So hello to Blake from West Elm:

Blake is amazing. It’s so comfortable, Daphne is obsessed with is overstuffed down pillows. And the chaise is perfect for both of us to fit on it without feeling like we’re falling off. Now to find out why they didn’t connect the two pieces when they dropped them off!

Soon we should be getting our slubby linen side chair, and combined with Blake and my grandmother’s rocker we’ll have a really nice living room space. And we still need curtains!

Hopefully our furniture shuffle will be complete soon, at least until we start renovating. Have you done any shuffling in your house lately?

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