Water Water Everywhere

jen darling, house, flood, water

Last night, Adam and I were up late working on the next step of our current projects. This morning we woke to a downpour in Philadelphia. We have water coming into the basement again and into my car through the sunroof drain pipes. The concrete pad behind the back door has sunken over the years and the soil behind the house isn’t graded quite right. So we have a nice spout for water to drip down our foundation walls. Lovely.

Hopefully in the next few months will find some free time to take care of our leaks. It would be really nice to wake up and not have to worry about finding blankets big enough to cover the basement floor.

At least we figured out why there’s a random drying rack attached to the ceiling in the tool room in our basement. Adam thinks it was used to dry the blankets and towels that would sop up the water coming down the foundation. There’s clearly been a little bit of water damage. The previous owner should have made us aware of it, and we should have looked closer. But with all the cabinets and tools that they left in the house for us, it was easy to miss. If this little leak is the worst thing that’s wrong, I think we definitely lucked out.

What is something unexpected that’s happened to you lately?

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