Why Painting is the Hardest Decision EVER

Once we closed on our house, we decided to prime the living/dining room with Kilz Original, an oil-based primer that is designed to cover up stains and seal odors. Our house had been exposed to smokers, and with our allergies it seemed best to cover it up.

jen darlingjen darling

After attempting to paint in this sensible getup (post on why rainboots are the best house renovation tool ever coming soon!), and getting my face and hair COVERED in little white flecks of paint (some of which is still stuck to my hair)…

jen darling

I switched to this. Yup, that is a NASA grade spacesuit. I’m pretty sure it was used in the filming of E.T.

jen darling

This was intense even before I added the face mask and thick rubber gloves that I used to protect every inch of my skin.

jen darling

So our living/dining room has looked like this for the last 2 weeks while we have been debating on paint colors. And let me tell you, this has been one of the most frustrating decisions ever.


We literally had hundreds of colors to choose from. And those were just the ones we picked up from Home Depot, Lowes and Benjamin Moore. We haven’t even TOUCHED on Ralph Lauren, Restoration Hardware, Sherwin Williams… There are BILLIONS of paint colors to pick from.

I thought I had narrowed it down to 3 top choices. One that I liked, Faded Gray by Dunn Edwards (a gorgeous subtle blue-gray used in Jennifer Lopez’s living room), was discontinued and I had no way of getting a physical piece of this paint. So I went to the Benjamin Moore store down the street to find something similar.

The salesman there was very unhelpful and borderline rude in telling me that my print out of the color wasn’t good enough to pick out a similar color. UGH. And then it was $17 for 3 paint samples. Home Depot has them for $2.50 a piece… Going there next time.

So I settled for something I thought was similar but with less blue undertones since we think we want something that will be warmer. I picked Sea Froth. The other two colors we tried on were Revere Pewter (a super popular color) and Manchester Tan. I painted them up on the wall in two places in our living room to figure out what would work best.

jen darling jen darling

We picked a wall in the back of the room in the ‘dining room’ section. This is where there is the least amount of natural light due to our Dark Forest of foliage.

jen darling jen darling
The other wall is next to the front window with the most amount of natural light coming in.

Even after days of staring at them, I’ve concluded that I don’t like any of these. Manchester Tan is just too tan. Revere Pewter is a bit dark and too muddy of a color for our taste. And Sea Froth (which we LOVED on the swatch) is too purple. Not something you can tell from these images very clearly. I found a great blog post on how to get this color to appear the beautiful neutral it can be and negate the pink undertones (add a deep gray with no undertone) but I can’t find the link at the moment.

So, now that we have gone through weeks of struggle and frustration what did we decide? To NOT paint at all. That’s right, we’re leaving the living room white until we can sort out furniture, a decor plan for the house, etc. Thank goodness that mess is over with.

Now all I have to do is start collecting paint chips of whites that I like… Looks like that will take a million years to paint! Check out my inspiration board on Pinterest and let me know what you think we should go with!

What are your favorite paint colors? What whites would you recommend?

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