Today is my first day back at the office. I made the 45+ minute drive alright, despite the movie-style snow that’s currently falling. You know, the kind that sprinkles your hair but doesn’t stick to the road. Unless you’re on the set of Dawson’s Creek and the producers just forgot the show is set in New England.

Driving so far was definitely tiring, but thankfully tomorrow is the weekend and I can let Adam do any needed driving. All I really want to do is cuddle up with a fire, a pot of fondue and a snuggle fest. Or a trip to the movies to see Jack the Giant Slayer or Oz: The Great and Powerful, both of which I’m super excited about. You can’t go wrong with Ewan McGregor or James Franco. It’s encouraging to see how quickly I’m improving – on Monday I couldn’t have driven all the way to work. Just taking it one day at a time.

Hope you all enjoy your Friday!

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    1. jen Post author

      Totally. We had a few nice days and now it’s just hovering in the low 40s. The wind is starting to pick up too, time to pull out some head scarves!


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