A Leap and a Bound

This weekend was super productive. We got a ton done around the house and even had a little fun. Well fun for me, Adam just came along for the ride.

On Saturday we got up and made a pit stop at the Lilly Pulitzer warehouse sale up in Oaks at the Philadelphia Expo Center. It was nice to see some of the things I’ve been looking at online in person, but nothing really caught my eye. I’m trying to only buy things right now that are work appropriate, and a fluorescent floral skirt just doesn’t fit into that category right now. Like this “Make It a Double” sweater. Super soft, but not really something I could wear to work.

lilly pulitzer warehouse sale mint julep lilly pulitzer warehouse sale lilly pulitzer warehouse sale sorority murfette scarves

Plus, by Saturday morning the sale was pretty picked over. The racks of mediums and size 6’s had only a handful of prints, though the number of dresses wasn’t dwindling. I was mostly hoping to pick up a Murfeette scarf or some other Lilly accessories, but all that was left was the sorority gear. They’re so cute, but there isn’t an Alpha Chi print. My friend Chelsea got the scoop at market at AmericasMart in Atlanta a few months ago. Apparently the sorority line isn’t doing as stellar as Lilly expected, so they’re not producing any new prints. What a bummer!

We ended up leaving the Lilly sale empty handed.


Then the real fun began. Adam and I started looking at furniture stores to see what was available and what kind of prices we would have to shell out to get the things that will eventually need for our new house. The couch is top priority. And yes, if I can talk him into monogrammed dining room chairs, that is so happening.

west elmwest elm

We had a great time stopping by Ethan Allen, West Elm and checking out the new home line at JCPenney. And of course we stopped by a handful of local discount stores. We’re starting to get a feel for what we like, what’s available, and what we need.

ethan allenethan allen

Around the house, we got our guestroom 95% set up for Adam’s parents arrival on Thursday. There’s carpet down, the furniture is in and just about everything is clean. I also put a third coat of primer on the ceiling. It’s not super perfect but it looks better than it was. We’ve playing around with furniture in the living/dining room to see what fits and what we want to get.

And we started to sort out the massive pile of random things that has taken over 3 rooms in our house. I can finally get to my make up and my jewelry, and I know where all of my shoes are. Trust me, that’s an accomplishment.

Maybe if I’m lucky (and if it ever stops raining) I’ll finally get to pull out my hair dryer. But really I can think about is a massage I have booked in two weeks. I can’t wait to have an hour to myself where I don’t have to clean anything and I can finally let my muscles relax from the crazy workout I’ve been getting. We’ve been working super hard and it’s finally starting to pay off!

What did you accomplish this weekend?

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  1. Sue Harrington

    You inspired me and I cleaned out a whole bunch of stuff this weekend too! Less is more! Less is light!


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