Back in Gear

I can’t believe it’s already December! Hopefully it will snow soon to make all this cold worthwhile.

daphne snow 2012

I hope y’all had a lovely Thanksgiving! We had two big parties, one Friendsgiving celebration a few days before and then dinner on Thanksgiving with our neighbors. It’s weird, but we have only met the neighbors to the left. The set to the right hasn’t made any effort to meet us – even when Daphne raced through their backyard and jumped into the car with them. But the Left neighbors are very nice and we are very grateful to be becoming friends with their family (and their dogs!).

friendsgiving 2013 1

Adam only went to work one day last week, so we really enjoyed just sitting at home, taking care of a few small things (coat hooks up in the kitchen!) and snuggling with Daphne and Sherlock. I mean seriously, once one of them decides you make a good pillow, your afternoon is shot. And after near-daily Pure Barre classes, I haven’t minded taking it easy.

Now I need to get back into gear. I’m heading to Atlanta this afternoon for a quick 24 hour trip. If all goes well, I’ll have exciting news soon. Tonight I’m getting some delicious Southern food with my good friend Chelsea and Adam’s fraternity brothers Nate and John, whom I haven’t seen since our wedding. It should be a great time! Now I just have to pack…

See y’all on Wednesday!

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