Breaking the Wall

jen darling, seaSo today I am breaking the wall of my ‘perfectly curated life.’ Everyone tries to make daily life look perfect, happy and successful on the Interwebs, and today I’m putting that aside.

I’m sorry for the absence the last few days. My grandmother is very ill with a leg infection, and Adam and I had to rush up to Boston to see her this weekend. We will be going again (and as often as we can) and I will go missing-in-action here. I exhausted myself to the point of being ill myself, and now I’m trying to take it easy and prioritize for the long weeks ahead. So please bear with me.

With my mind and my heart so far away, writing is not coming easily this week. Helen is one of the strongest women I know, and she’s been the emotional sounding board I can fall back on. While I’ve always know this was going to happen, that doesn’t make it any easier.

If you’re not a Potter fan, you may not get this. Driving home on Sunday I finally understood the place that J.K. Rowling was when she created the Dementors. The purest sadness imaginable followed by the blank emptiness of the entire universe right in the middle of your chest. Everyone feels these emotions at different times, in different ways and magnitudes, and this is what I felt. Thanks Joanne. Can I have some chocolate now?

And then I found out that after we left the hospital Grandma was joking about being a peg-leg grandmother. Seriously, she couldn’t make that joke while I was there?

Pass some hugs around today, this week, this month. With our perfectly curated digital selves, you never know who needs it the most.

Back with something darling soon!

Photo by Nastya Jour via Tumblr.

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