Calm Med

jen darling by j.k.h. nelson

This quote basically sums up what I’m feeling today. Adam and I are waiting on some news, and I’m hoping with a little DIY blowout (at least the best I can do in the state of Exhaustion), a velvet blazer and my comfy Italian leather JCrew boots, I can take control of today.

I also plan on zoning out and pretending my cubicle is chic and relaxing like this stylish at-home office setup:

jen darling by j.k.h. nelson

I know, that massive frame is a fantastic pin board, and that cut out chair is just dying for a pair of Lilly Pulitzer throw pillows.

jen darling by j.k.h. nelsonI’m also thinking if that doesn’t work, at least I can retreat to a Caribbean state of mind. I can think of ways to incorporate perfect blue water with an island in the distance – sending my worries far away. To like Siberia would be awesome. I could really go for a game of volleyball and a rum punch right about now. I’m just looking for a a lot of extra energy, a dash of Oomph and a shot of confidence to get me through the next 10 hours.

How do you handle a day that you know could make or break you?

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