Catching Up

I’ll admit, I have a lot to catch up on. I’m still going through photos of our vacation to pass along to our friends as well as photographing the last stages of our most recent projects.

I also have to straighten the house and take photos post-housewarming party. We had so many friends stop by I didn’t have a spare minute to take any! We did get these gorgeous flowers from my dear friend Megan which are still brightening up our buffet:

Then last night, Adam and I were invited to an experimental event with Stella Artois at the Sofitel in Philadelphia. We were out all night drinking beer and eating delicious beer-inspired cuisine. So I’m feeling well fed (still, I know!) and a little groggy after being out in the city and then pretending to watch the football games last night. Check out a couple key snaps and follow me on Instagram for more deliciousness and photos you won’t see anywhere else!

So today I am taking a little break and sending you to take a look at my Pinterest page. As I’m resetting my schedule and my creative ideas over the weekend I want to know: what do you want to see here on Jen Darling?

I’ve got some great things in the pipeline, but now that our projects are wrapping up I want to talk about the aspects of design, travel, and living pretty that you are interested in. Also, are you lLooking to get involved in a group pin board? I’m starting one on home projects and DIY ideas, so send me a message if you want to get involved!

Can’t wait to hear all your great ideas! Have a lovely weekend!

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