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Thank you for your patience while I’m recovering. I’ve been holed up, switching between the couch and a beach lounge chair swamped in pillows trying to get comfortable. I’ve had lots of fun catching up with my favorite Brits: The Crawleys and the Windsors.

Stepping into Downton Abbey, I finally caught up with Season 1 before the Season 3 premiere this Sunday. And I, like most Americans, have tried to avoid spoilers waiting for Grantham to come across the pond (I have not been entirely successful).

I will share one swoon-worthy spoiler, Lady Mary’s wedding tiara:

jen darling by j.k.h. nelson

Brides U.K.

Mary and Cousin Matthew finally tie the knot in the Season 3 opening episode, and I’m sure it’s an even that will make brides rushing for glitz and 1920s glamour.

According to Brides U.K., this “beautiful diamond-encrusted tiara in the shape of a garland of leaves with little floral buds, [was] created especially for the on-screen wedding by royal jewellers Bentley & Skinner. Working in collaboration with the Downton team, Bentley & Skinner artisans altered the dazzling, 45-carat important Georgian tiara, which was set in white gold, yellow gold and silver.”

At an even more stunning £125,000 ($203,162.50) price, I’m pretty sure that isn’t in either of my newly-engaged friend’s budgets. But still, a girl can dream.

Andrew Prince also makes jewelry for the show, check out their amazing collection of drop earrings, tiaras, and combs. His more reasonably priced pieces run in the $300-$700 range and come with just as much elegance. Even the Duchess of Cambridge wears costume jewelry, sporting a pair of fake pearl and cubic Z earrings during the Diamond Jubilee festivities last summer.

Flipping through Netflix a bit more, I came across Madonna’s film, W.E. The film follows a modern-day Wallis (named after the Duchess by her royally-crazed mother) who travels through her life while exploring the world of Wallis and Edward, with disturbing similarities. Abbie Cornish’s wardrobe is the modern-day Betty Draper. Full of that rich black Manhattanites love and a collection of perfect housewife pumps. I could do without the over-slicked hairstyles she tries out in her efforts to channel Simpson.

Wally splashes out $11,000 on a set of kid gloves owned by Simpson, which only makes me wish that gloves were in style in the U.S. The fact that Duchess Catherine doesn’t wear gloves is, I think, a bit appalling.

It all comes back to the jewels after all. Simpson has a fantastic collection of oversized cocktail rings, drips of diamonds, and some exquisite starburst hair pins you can just peek at here:

So really I’ve spent the beginning of my recovery period lusting after the Royal Jewels despite my best efforts. I know the Tower collection of Crown Jewels will be one of our first stops on our London tour (going with friends on a 30th birthday trip!) and I’m sure we’ll stop by some royal jewelers to respectfully ogle and not let our jaws hit the floor too hard.

What is your favorite British film for fashion and sparkles?

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