Everyday Neon

jen darling by jk.h. nelson

It seems like a snail would move faster towards buying a house than we are: the days until everything in order are anxiously ticking by. I’m so excited to have a place that’s all ours, be able to do projects (thank you HGTV for making me want to take a sledge hammer to a wall or two), and decorate. First thing to go is the couch, pink duck tape and all. One thing that I would love to have in our house is a cool neon sign.

jen darling by jk.h. nelsonjen darling by jk.h. nelson


Sometimes you need a little reminder to kick you in the can and get you motivated or put your mind on a different track, and these everyday neon lights do just that. Plus, they would make for awesome photo backdrops.

jen darling by jk.h. nelson

jen darling by jk.h. nelson

{Wild at Heart; Lucky; Soul; I Want It All; Let’s Dance}

Would you ever put neon in your house? What would you want it to say?

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