Chocolate Louboutin

I know Valentine’s day is long behind us, but I was floored to see this video pop up today. Not only can you get a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes you can actually afford – they are edible too. Chocolatier Andrea Pedraza has combined her love of chocolate with her love of expensive footwear. Carrie Bradshaw would be proud.

Chocolate is a food group in my family. Adam always laughs at my insatiable need for the export that would have made the modern Aztec nation wealthy. It’s reasonable to say I have something chocolate every day. Though I think I would think twice about eating a pair of chocolate Louboutins. They just look so pretty.

What luxury item or personal obsession would you make out of chocolate?

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Louboutin

  1. Sue Harrington

    Chocolate shoes? They must be eaten! Now the only question–where do you start? Let’s refer to the chocolate Easter bunny for guidance. Do you bit the ears off first, or save them till last?


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