Frankly My Dear

jen darling by j.k.h. nelsonI had lots of good intentions for today’s post.Then Daphne decided to drive me crazy playing with the twangy door stoppers, my computer got a little overwhelmed switching between 100 tabs in Chrome and my work in Photoshop, and I know I should have allocated my time more effectively.

Sometimes, you have to throw your best laid plans out and channel your inner Rhett Butler/Scarlet O’Hara, depending on the situation.

This week has not been at all what I had wanted it to be. I had planned on outlining the new novel I’m working on, trying a few more Pinterest at home beauty recipes, and checking off the list of blog posts that I’ve been keeping for the past month. Clearly, that plan didn’t work out so well.

Unless you’re my husband or you frequented the parties at my townhouse in college, there are certain types of stress I don’t handle well. I’m an unwilling drama queen, if there isn’t something going wrong or something to worry about then life just isn’t complete. But I don’t just stress out about the logical thing, I reallocate and push my stress onto the unnecessary thing to purposefully not stress out about the necessary thing. Case in point: when I was planning our wedding, I stressed about every other thing possible so I didn’t stress about our wedding. Right now, I’m stressing about finding a house. I’m not sure if I”m posturing my stress from another place or if I’m just looking for something to add a spice of drama to my life.

Yes, I know, I need a glass of wine and a good night’s rest.

Well hopefully this weekend will give us some good ammo on the house hunt, and I can rest up a bit more. And snuggle with my puppy and pretend that this is my life:

jen darling by j.k..h. nelson

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