Into the Wild Blue Yonder

jen darlingHappy Wednesday y’all! I am super excited to say that I can FINALLY share some exciting news!

Remember my trip to Atlanta a few weeks ago? It was very successful and I am looking at the beginning of a new adventure – as a flight attendant! Starting in 2014 I’ll be training for 8 weeks then taking off into the wild blue yonder.

jen darling

There has been a massive outpouring of support and “yes that’s perfect for you!” from friends, family, and even my friend’s families, that makes it feel like the right decision. Thank you all so much, it means a lot to me.

I am so happy and excited for this new journey, and I can’t wait for 2014. I’m still thinking over how this will impact my writing here – but I’ll definitely still be writing!

charleston airport 2011flying

See y’all up in the air!