Jen Darling’s Living Room Design: Comfortable Chic

I am so excited to show you guys our inspiration for our new living room! After months of going back and forth, making Adam look through numerous Pinterest boards, and scouring the internet for pieces that are what I’m looking for, we’ve finally got an idea to start with.

jen darling

We’re going for a Comfortable Chic look. Something you would see in the Hamptons or down in Charleston with comfortable seating, bright colors, natural textures, and lots of personal touches.

To deal with our hardwood floors (Remember how we thought they were great? After several rounds of cleaning and consulting with some DIYers at Home Depot, we’ve determined they are in fact pretty damaged.), we’re going to DIY a massive floor cloth that will cover the entire room. Floor cloths were traditional in homes for centuries until actual carpet became affordable post WWI. They’re basically canvas that is treated to withstand wear, tear, and stains. I’ll be doing a DIY on that once I get my materials together.

Ours will be an off white natural color with 12″ wide, super-dark navy stripes. Not only will our floor cloth keep the already damaged wood floors from injuring anyone/getting more damaged, it will also help tie together the two spaces in our massive combo living and dining room. If you are looking for an area rug, I’m a fan of this Dash and Albert one (bonus: on sale!).

jen darling

The next thing we decided on is we’re going to pick up a navy sectional sofa. Something similar to the Jonathan Adler Butterfield Sofa, but with a chaise on the right end. We watch a lot of movies, so this piece had to be super comfortable. It also has to withstand the potential dirt and destruction of Daphne. Oh yeah, and kids when we get there.

Our accent furniture we already have pieces that work well for use. We love Ikea’s Expedit shelves in birch. We also have the Magiker coffee table and side table in birch, which Ikea sadly discontinued in 2009. We love that Daphne can’t get even her little head into the cubby. Similar here. We’ll probably keep this set around for awhile, though eventually I’d like to put a giant ottoman there for added comfort during our movie nights.

jen darling

Depending on how we orient everything, we may end up with a linen loveseat or a pair of natural fiber chairs. I really like these Blake Gray Wash Lounge Chairs from Crate & Barrel.

jen darlingjen darlingjen darlingjen darlingjen darling

And don’t forget a collection of pillows! Target and West Elm are great places to find pillows that are on-trend but still affordable. Pillows:  Embroidered, Geometric, Coral, Floral, Chevron.

And finally, for curtains we’re going to do a layer of white linen sheers with a bright floral on top. I love the orange tree painted on one of the dressing rooms at the Lilly Pulitzer store in Tyson’s Corner, so I’m going to use that for inspiration. Hopefully I can find something in those tropical blues, pinks, greens and oranges, otherwise I might just try and do another DIY!

What do you think of our living room ideas? Is there anything we’re missing?

2 thoughts on “Jen Darling’s Living Room Design: Comfortable Chic

  1. Maya

    Love it!! So well thought out. I would also recommend checking CWonder for pillows! Amazon can also be a great spot to get designer pillows like Johnathan Adler for a discount!

    1. Jen Post author

      Ah yes! I will check CWonder. I stumbled across them in Southampton last summer and keep meaning to check out their collection further!

      Another thing is to think about what stores will price match sales prices online, even on a competitor’s website!


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