living for the weekend

First of all, if you’re not excited about the imminent arrival of Baby Cambridge today/tomorrow, please don’t talk to me until next week. I only wish I was in London this week for all the parties! Please Kate, wear something pretty out of the hospital so we all have something to talk about?

Adam and I had a brilliant weekend. We’re finally getting to the point where every waking moment isn’t about the house – and we took full advantage. It’s been a rough few weeks, so on Friday Adam brought home Date Night in a Bag: flowers. chocolate covered strawberries (OMG soooo good) and A Good Day to Die Hard.jen darling, date night in a bag, I had never seen any of the Die Hard films, so I thought it would be more of an action-comedy. Nope. But it was entertaining at least!

jen darling, date nightThen on Saturday we went out to dinner at Nonna’s in West Chester, and had a delicious meal. My iPhone decided to take this photo super small, so hopefully I can figure out how to adjust the settings. It’s a good one and it’s not even big enough to print.

jen darling, picking a navy blue, paint colors, picking paint, diy

Sunday we went back into House mode. We picked up some navy paint – yes, we did buy the one named after the Night’s Watch – for a project for the living room. That pretty blue fabric is going on our dining room chairs!

jen darling, kitchen renovation, kitchen updates, installing lights

Then, Adam installed a new light over the sink (Don’t even get me started on the sink not lining up with the window! There was no way to fix that.) that we scored at Ikea for almost nothing.

jen darling, kitchen renovation, kitchen updates,

And he cooked dinner in our 85% finished kitchen! Delicious almond crusted salmon! Now that everything is coming together it’s feeling much less like a fish bowl already! I am really loving the bright blue.

Did y’all do anything fun this weekend?

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