Looking Forward: Blogging, House, and Life

jen darling

First, let me apologize for those of you who got double emails of yesterday’s post. Facebook and I are not getting along, and in trying to fix it you got to participate in my experiment. If you’re not on my email list, you should totally sign up 🙂

The past few days have been very busy. We pulled some pretty late night while Adam’s parents were here over the weekend, going to the Phillies game (and staying up to watch the NBA playoffs…hunny), and going out to eat with some friends last night. It’s been nice to finally get a little break from working on the house 24/7 and have a little fun, but I am ready for a good night’s rest.

We’ve also been doing a lot of talking about our plans for the next few months, our plans for the house, and the general things that we want to get accomplished this year and next year. By nature I’m someone who likes to be very organized. I love lists, color-coordinated things, and having a specific place for everything to go so that it can all go away nice and neat at the end of the day. Our house and our lives aren’t definitely reflecting this at the moment.

There’s so much in the pipeline to be excited about, all I can do is look forward from the mess and try to do something everyday to make those things happen.

For our house, we have some big projects that were working on that I can’t wait to share with you, once I can get some progress going. I’ve also got tons of inspiration to dig through and start planning what our whole house is going to look like once it’s finished…five years from now… and what we’re doing in the mean time to make it our own.

For my writing, I finally feel like I have a bit of direction. I kept feeling like I was only 90% hitting the mark, so I connected with this great blogger Alex Beadon, who writes about photography and small business. She gave me a huge list of things to think over as far as where I want this to go, what I want to write about, and what my general goals are (girl you rock!!). So now I feel like I know what I need to sort through to get to 100%. And trust me, there are big things coming here too.

As for life? I’m feeling very disorganized, so I’m doing a lot of research into things I can do to make myself feel more organized and in control. From apps I can use to keep track of my ideas to setting calendar reminders of things I need to do (I’ve been doing my makeup in the dark for two weeks… time to find my vanity lamp!), this weekend I am taking some time to get myself back to an organized state. Good thing Adam will be working on spackling the kitchen! Plus then I can re-evaluate my New Years goals and fit those back into my life.

Do you feel like you’ve been running at 90%? What have you done to look forward and get back on track with your goals?

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