No Problem

Driving back from Boston yesterday, Adam and I saw this:

It took me a good second to figure out what was so funny about it (hey, I’m an exhausted lady alright?).

Sometimes you just need a little humor to get you through.

While sitting in my grandmother’s apartment for the last time yesterday, I thought about taking photos of how it looked. And then my mother wanted to start clearing things out, so pieces came off the walls, out of corners and into my car and my brother’s car. I regret it now only because I can’t show you where our pieces were in her house. We’ll be collecting a few nostalgic things (as well as some useful ones) and incorporating pieces of her into our house. And then at some point my cousins and I will have a playdate with her jewelry collection, which should be fun. We’ve already started swapping stories, and I know it’ll get us all through the next few weeks.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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