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04.25.13 office space

Welcome to my new office! This is only a small part of my desk, but it’s already starting to feel cozy. I sit next to a huge window and on a nice day (like yesterday!) I can get a great breeze. Plus there’s a big patch of grass and a neighborhood with big oak trees right outside so it almost feels like I’m looking at a park.

04.25.13 office space1

Over the years I’ve had a variety of workspaces. From an office that was plastered in pink post-it’s for my birthday to an airport counter, being able to work anywhere has been a huge advantage.

04.25.13 office space2 04.25.13 office space3 04.25.13 office space4 04.25.13 office space5 04.25.13 office space6 04.25.13 office space7

I love the days I can work from home with Daphne on my lap. But I love even more that my new job comes with a desktop computer. No more bringing work home every night!

I can’t wait until we can do renovations on our new house so I can build exactly the home office I want. There will definitely be pink involved!

Where is your favorite place to get work done?

One thought on “Office Space

  1. Rachel

    My desk has a big window too and I love that I get to work in natural light. no headache or squinting. Though, it does make it hard to look at the beautiful weather & work when I would rather be hiking, walk, or chillin by the pool.


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