5 Things for the Halloween Resistant

Halloween and I haven’t gotten along in a long time. There are the years as a child I went as a princess. There’s that year I decided to go as Jane Austen’s favorite aristocrat Emma. When I looked for a pattern for my mom to sew my costume, I found a great silhouette in Rose’s dinner dress from Titanic. Needless to say my friends still whisper “I’ll never let go Jack.” There’s the year I went as an Herbal Essences model. I know I dressed up for something all through college, but I honestly couldn’t tell you what. holidays, halloween, jen darling, i hate halloween, pretty pretty princess Let me be clear, I don’t hate Halloween, I would just rather like, go to the dentist. I’m a creative person, but I am also super organized and like parameters. I do MUCH better with theme parties than I do with Halloween. Retro game party? Done, I’m Princess Peach. Flight party? Done, I’m from Top Gun. Toga party? Done, mine is Tiffany blue and made out of crushed velvet. Halloween? No thanks. Halloween has too many options, so many choices, and an infinite number of directions. I would rather spend my time on other things than trying to come up with a costume.

Come on, someone tell me I’m not alone? Are there any other Halloween resistant people out there? Well here are 5 things for people who like Halloween but could find lots of other things better to do than spend hours thinking up a costume.

1. Puppies in Costumes

holidays, halloween, jen darling, i hate halloween, fall decor, dog costumes, love lucy girl Ok, I am that dog owner. I dress Daphne up for Halloween. I do NOT dress her up for anything else, except a tasteful bow on her collar. But Halloween is fun! Last year she went as a mermaid. This year it doesn’t really fit her, but I might just do it anyway and pick up something for next year in the after-Halloween sales. But I came across these ideas on Love Lucy Girl and I’ll admit, it’s giving me just a smidge of little Halloween spirit.

2. Spell Block Tango

This video of the Spell Block Tango is amazing. Not only does it list a sparkling line up of starlets, but it’s really just brilliant.

3. Bedazzled Pumpkins

holidays, halloween, jen darling, i hate halloween, fall decor I am really digging the trend to cover pumpkins in metallic paints/foils this year. I am nowhere near deft at wielding a knife and chopping out a design. So decorating is definitely the way to go for me. Check out these DIY ideas from Mark & Graham (um who can say no to monogrammed pumpkins!?!), and if you’re in New England and looking to buy instead of DIY visit my friend Becky’s shop Pop & Circumstance. Designed by Lauren Wells of Lauren Wells Events, you can order them by emailing Lauren here.

4.  What is Your Halloween Costume

holidays, halloween, jen darling, i hate halloween, halloween costumes, easy costumes This image has been going around on Facebook and if you need fast, easy direction for a Halloween costume this is it. Unless you’re me and you’re answer is a “Haunted Bat” in which case, go back to hating Halloween.

5. Be Glad You’re Not This Guy

holidays, halloween, jen darling, i hate halloween, halloween costumes, easy costumes Dude goes scuba diving, brings a pumpkin, carves it while the sharks hang out. Um what? Read more about this extreme story on Jessie On A Journey, and tell me: would you carve a pumpkin with sharks?

Happy Halloween!

[photos 1; 2; 3; 4]

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