Party On Outdoors this Summer

jen darling

When photographer Melanie Duerkopp turned 30, she had a stylish fête to celebrate. Most 20-sometings are terrified of the big 3-0 (or, if you’re like me, the big 4-0. I was traumatized by my college roommate on my 20th birthday.) and Melanie’s day makes it seem like the perfect party – and like we’d be great friends. I am just too happy looking at this pretty table spread, and can’t wait to use it as inspiration for our outdoor parties later this summer and fall.

jen darling

I mean, do you see that backdrop? The oyster house she chose is picturesque and relaxing, and it looks like a great spot for just about any occasion. The only thing I would change is to swap out the oysters for BBQ, but I’m not a big fan of seafood in general. Ask Adam – we eat salmon and shrimp in our house. That’s all I’ll cook.

jen darling

These wildflower arrangements are a-ma-zing. Really I just want my whole backyard to look like that 365 days a year. I’m also a big fan of the wooden single-use utensils. Much better for the environment than plastic.

jen darling jen darling

And the spread is making me hungry. We love prosciutto, as well as trying other cured meats, and piling up on cheese and crunchy, home-baked bread. Can I just transport this whole thing to my backyard? K, thanks.

Side bar bonus: today is both my dad and my mother-in-law’s birthday’s. So happy birthday to you both!!

That’s the one thing I’m most excited about owning our own home (aside from a massive closet and dream bathroom… oh, and double ovens to bake in. Ok, three things). I can’t wait to start throwing parties.

What’s your favorite part of this stylish bday bash?

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