Farewell to Lilly

jen darling by j.k.h. nelsonEarly Sunday morning, Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau died at the age of 81. A style icon and friend to the 1960s most fabulous, Lilly first designed colorful shifts to catch the citrus stains from her juice stand. If only we could all be bored socialites with juice stands, I would love to get all that sun. Then schoolmate Jackie Kennedy was photographed in a Lilly, and the rest is history.

jen darling by j.k.h. nelsonI first met the Lilly brand as a freshman in boarding school. A classmate of mine was related to the socialite, and Lilly’s frocks were the talk of the girls. It wasn’t until I went to Elon (and had to dress up every day, there were boys in class after all!) that I began to appreciate the colorful, classic lifestyle that Lilly embodied. Despite Lilly’s passing, her joie de vivre will continue to be an inspiration.

jen darling by j.k.h. nelson


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