Happy 4th of July!

jen darling

2011 at the Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs

Happy 4th of July y’all! Having just woken up, I hope you are all enjoying our nation’s birthday. Adam and I have been going strong and having lots of late nights, and a good sleep in was exactly what we needed.

jen darling

2010 at Uncle Sam Jam in Washington DC

Looking through photos of the last few Fourth’s, I think I have worn this ruffled J.Crew tee the last 4 years in a row. It’s one of my favorites and has come around the world with me. But it’s getting up there in age and is about ready to retire. I’ve got to see if I can transform it and breath a little new life back into it. Luckily for me, everyone is having big sales this weekend so I can start to look around for a replacement.

jen darling

2009 barbecuing with the Georgetown University Grilling Society in Georgetown, Washington DC

And yet somehow every year we wind up having a blast, me and my ruffled tee. Adam too. Now we get to spend the day with Daphne, new friends, and a cute dress, giving my 4th of July tee a break. We’ve got barbecues today and tomorrow, so I will be enjoying some time in my favorite sundresses.

Do you have a piece that you keep going back to year after year without realizing it?

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