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Richard Madden for Mr Porter

If you’ve never visited Mr Porter, it’s a great resource even for ladies. Not only will you see some of Hollywood’s best gentlemen giving you an insight into men’s fashion, but Mr Porters The Journal is a great read.

Last week’s issue included a feature called Man & Boy: Velvet Revolution, chronicling the struggle of a father whose son is dressing above his age. I own a velvet blazer (seen here), so I was a bit surprised to learn that such an item was revered in the closets of my male counterparts. Brodie’s look into men’s fashion is intuitive, and not so far off from how we ladies handle things..

Cashmere was not something most children ever wore when I was growing up. As a teenager, I remember mistakenly charging a cashmere V-neck sweater to my dad’s Brooks Brothers account. Most of the time he overlooked (or pretended to overlook) the odd wardrobe refresher, but that $350 cashmere item was like waving a red flag in front of the old bull. Soon after the bill arrived, my dad sat me down and explained, “You shouldn’t wear cashmere until you can pay for it yourself.” The man had a point. I didn’t develop my drinking legs on grand cru Bordeaux. I did it with beer, rum, whisky or anything cheap I could get my underage paws on.

And when his son talked Mom into the blazer, Brodie was a bit shocked. “Countless dollars later,” Brodie writes, “the heir was headed home dressed for a duet with Michael Bublé.”

While Adam doesn’t own a velvet blazer (that I’ve found anyway), I think this read is a must for anyone looking to understand the psyche behind men’s fashion. Does this new age of the Internet make such traditions obsolete? Or should they be upheld as a part of our humanity and civility?

What do you think ladies?

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