jen darling by j.k.h. nelson jen darling by j.k.h. nelson jen darling by j.k.h. nelson

I am always about comfort. When I got my Off the Shoulder Fleece from fashion start-up Thread Society, I put it on within minutes of opening the bag. This sweatshirt is so super soft, even the inside of the pocket is fuzzy! I love the extra-wide boatneck cut. It gives me maximum breathing room without feeling strangled like some hoodies can.

jen darling by j.k.h. nelsonI’m a pretty tall, lanky girl, and there is plenty of length in these sleeves to keep my arm, wrist and palm under wraps. That is awesome.

jen darling by j.k.h. nelson

Plus, sometimes it’s nice to channel a little Flashdance. Underneath is the Burnout Racerback Tank in Tahiti Blue. Really, who doesn’t love something that is this bright, happy color.

jen darling by j.k.h. nelson

What better way to glam up a little relaxation time with a touch of pearls and shiny shoes. Especially when they are super comfy, just like the rest of your outfit.

What are your favorite relax-able pieces?

{Tank and Sweatshirt: Thread Society; Jeans: J.Crew; Shoes: Sperry Top Sider}

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